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Super Restorative Clarins 60ml-EN

Brand: Clarins (Show all products of this brand)
Product code: 31553
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Product description

50ml Super Restorative Day Cream + 10ml Super Restorative Serum

Super Restorative Clarins 60ml-31553.

Serum for intensive care for aging skin
Helps to restore the natural functions of the skin, lost due to fatigue or hormonal age-related changes. Effectively stimulates the energy and other metabolic processes in the upper epithelium layer, giving the skin the natural way in a healthy condition, and keeps it for a long time.

Regenerating day cream of intense action
Stimulates the vital processes of skin cells and first of all in the synthesis of collagen, slowing with age. Supported by the hydro balance of the upper epithelial layers, which creates for You the special feeling of comfort. Manufactured by special technology dehydrated vegetable microcapsules when applying the cream fill the mimic wrinkles and folds of skin. They begin to absorb a moisture through the skin, swelling and fill all the deepening of wrinkles. In the result, the skin becomes smooth, better reflects the light and the person gets a healthy and rejuvenated appearance. Suitable for all skin types.

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