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Sexual Attraction for her 15ml

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Product description

Sexual Attraction for Her - Woman Formula 5-alpha
Are you shy? Are you inexperienced in contacts with men? Or maybe you have got everything but still want more? If you want to be on the top and seduce men, this is an effective solution. Pheromones.
How do the pheromones act?
Each human being has its own specific smell and pheromones, which attract other people. Thanks to them you create more interest in people, are seen as the life and soul of the party and gain respect of others. Everyday hygiene causes the pheromones to be removed from our skin very effectively. Using cleaning agents and antiperspirants reduces their amounts to a minimum - however, it is difficult to imagine life without the role they play. Despite the fact that they are natural exudates of the body - combined with sweat they act rather repulsively.
What should we do to carry desired pheromones on our skin? Nothing more simple. Scientists from one of the most modern laboratories within the European Union obtained very concentrated synthetic pheromones, which have identical chemical composition and action as pheromones excreted by human body. Their dynamic composition with pheromones naturally occurring in a human body and with an interesting scent proved to be a great success. The scientists selected pheromones responsible for sexual attraction and leadership skills.

Sexual background
Specialits focused mainly on the fact that the product should cause instinctive sexual reactions in people. As it turned out, they have entered the market with full success. Thus, if you want to improve quality of your sexual life, become life and soul of the party and dominate in the crowds, try Attraction Pheromones.
Thanks to pheromones Sexual Attraction Pheromones Woman Formula 5-alpha:

  • you will emphasis your feminine side and sex appeal
  • you will create the position of a leader, desired by men
  • men will become submissive towards you
  • levels of your well-being will increase
  • you are more self-confident

Which pheromones are present in Sexual Attraction?
Sexual Attraction Pheromones Woman Formula 5-alpha are the strongest pheromones, which will make you the most desired woman. It is possible thanks to pheromones present in our perfumes: Alpha androstenol (5α-androst-16-en-3α-ol), Beta-androstenol, Alpha androstenone (5a-androstane-3a-ol ,17-one). Thanks to these chemical compounds you may be successful!

  • Alfa Androstenol (5α-androst-16-en-3α-ol) – popularity pheromone

It is responsible for charisma and popularity, it may also draw crowds to you. This compound creates a friendly atmosphere and aura around you. It also sends chemical signals notifying about the state of health, fertility and sexual attractiveness. It creates the feeling of openness. The same pheromone elevates and amplifies emotions around us. Others see you as a more attractive person and are more open for contact with you.

  • Beta-Androstenol – attraction pheromone

From the chemical point of view, this compound is almost identical with Alfa-androstenol, but this particular compound promotes communication on a deeper level. It helps with attraction between people of opposite gender, and regardless of the gender it creates the feeling of deep liking and comfort from being together. This compound makes the impression that a newly acquainted person has been known for years and thanks to it the man feels secure with you.

  • Androstenone (5a-androstane-3a-ol-17-one) – pheromone of the leader and sex

This is a pheromone present in both men and women. This compound usually creates an aura of domination. Women who exhibit high concentrations of this pheromone are always in the centre of attention, they are seen as people to be admired, respected and paid attention to by others. This pheromone creates vibrations influencing increase of sexual tension. This compound is often related to desire and taken into account during partner selection. This chemical compound also creates an aura of safety and reliability.

  • Estratetraenol (estra-1, 3,5 (10) ,16-tetraen-3-ol) – pheromone of femininity and seduction

Completely scent-free pheromone (related to estrogene – female sexual hormone) creates an especially feminine and sensual aura. It activates the brain in a unique way: an action stimulating desires in men. You "soften" the surroundings, reaching the effect that people around you are willing to do a lot for you. The pheromone acts soothingly on men and women and increases their need to protect you and cuddle with you. This one will stimulated you and underline your feminine side.

An ideal combination
Dynamic combination of pheromones with a unique scent of perfumes will ensure you a full success i personal life and increase your chances for a hot romance. Sexual Attraction Pheromones contain the highest quality pheromones. Thanks to their intensive concentration and carefully selected composition create strong sexual attraction. The scent remains on the skin almost as long as the pheromones contained in it. It is very efficient. It is enough to use just a minuscule amount of our pheromones and you will feel a massive difference. You will be more self-confident and will start attracting people like a magnet. Sexual Attraction Pheromones is an intriguing, fresh feminine smell with a characteristic, fruit note, full of sex. They allow you to become the object of desire and arouse you sexually in intimate situations.
Sexual Attraction Pheromones are an ideal solution for people planning dates and first meet-ups. What matters is the first impression and the spark of so called "chemistry". Thanks to the pheromones, this task will be an easier one. You will naturally attract the man of your dreams.
Stand out in the crowd
Sexual Attraction Pheromones are a perfect choice for crowded places, clubs, parties, where many people are present at once. The formula acts more intensely, then, and the scent remains for a longer time. Thus it is recommended for people who want to shine out in the crowd, e.g. at a party. Thus you can quickly become a so called star of the night, who conquers hearts of many men.

Thanks to the fact that pheromones are contained in small, handy vials, you can place them in your purse and use whenever you need!

New on the market!
An excellent mix of pheromones stimulating the sexual sphere and underlining leadership skills. Because of the newly discovered pheromone used in the mix, the product influences deeper spheres of interaction. Incite positive emotions, awe crowds, conquer hearts. The most concentrated pheromones, designed and manufactured in laboratories located within the European Union.

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