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Pheromone Essence for him 7.5 ml

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Product description

Pheromone Essence for him - non-perfumed, pure pheromones!
The most praised pheromone product in the United States is the Pheromone Essence. What is important though is that the praise does not come from the producer, but the customers.
If one should describe these pheromones in a single sentence one would have to say that Pheromone Essence is one of the best pheromones for seducing ever made, while the price for a product of such a quality is low.
Leader among pheromone Essences!
Forget those cheap ineffective pheromones. Contrary to many pheromones which can be had today, Pheromone Essence really works. It is a leader among pheromones, so far unsurpassed, which is often valued more than multiple-pheromone products. If you seek quality, you must try Pheromone Essence. It contains the strongest substances known, which initiate physiological changes in women's behavior. Every one who has already tried real pheromones appreciates these pheromones. If you are new to pheromones, PHEROMONE ESSENCE is a good choice to start with.
What is the effect of Pheromone Essence?
Pheromone Essence is based on androstenon of the highest quality (more than 98% purity), which effectively highlights your presence in the company of other people. When you use Pheromone Essence, the moment you become the center of attention. Pheromone Essence is dominance in liquid state. Women will see a strong, respected man and men, on the other hand, will be aware of your authority. If you do a martial art, these pheromones may arouse fear and submissiveness in your rival. Would you like to let the others know without words that it is "better not to interfere with this guy"?
Pheromone Essence increases your self-confidence. By using Pheromone Essence you become more assertive and sociable. If you like to make a good impression and have fun at the same time, Pheromone Essence is the product for you. Taking into account that Pheromone Essence contains concentrated Androstenon, we ask you to be careful not to exaggerate the dose applied. The product must be used with prudence.
Why you should buy it?
You should buy Pheromone Essence to:

  • be fascinating
  • make yourself visible
  • become more self-confident
  • have a good time

Highest quality, extreme concentration of pheromones on the level of 0.078% (0.78 mg/ml) guarantees the best quality/price ration. Do not be mistaken by the fact that this product contains only one pheromone. Actually, Pheromone Essence contains in two other strong pheromones, unpublished by the producer, which considerably enhance the effect of the main substance.
If you buy Pheromone Essence, you can be sure that you have pheromones which were already tested with success by thousands of people from across the world. Pheromone Essence is currently the best selling pheromone product. Do not risk. Buy pheromones which are tried and tested.
A 7,5 ml vial is equipped with a special dosing device with which you can add Pheromone Essence into your own perfumes (100 ml at the maximum) or to spray it (which is recommended) directly on your skin or clothes.
ATTENTION! Do not apply more than 1 or 2 drops.
Pheromone Essence is a strongly concentrated product. It is not perfumed and besides the natural scent of the pheromones it does not contain any other aromatic ingredients. It is very effective. A 7,5 ml vial contains about 90 drops of pure substance, which is sufficient for weeks of frequent use.
Composition: Androstenon and two other substances unpublished by the producer.

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