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HydraQuench Clarins 80ml-EN

Brand: Clarins (Show all products of this brand)
Product code: 31545
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Product description

50ml HydraQuench Rich Cream + 15ml HydraQuench Bi Phase Serum + 15ml HydraQuench Mask + Bag
Moisturising cream mask for dehydrated skin
Quickly moisturizes and instantly smoothes the surface of the skin, eliminating small wrinkles, which appeared as a result of dehydration. Contains Vitamin E, E3P complex, hyaluronic acid, and bark extractt, which stops further dehydration and help keep the moisture reserves, as well as protect the skin from UV rays and aggressive external environment. Ideal for severely dehydrated skin.

Moisturizer for very dry skin or cold climate
Quickly removes a state of irritation and tightness, deriving of the skin, or from the effects of severe climatic conditions. Restores and maintains the natural hydro balance of the skin for a long time, at the same time nourishing it, which makes You even in extremely difficult climatic conditions to save the state of comfort, and Your skin to look well-groomed and healthy. Is designed for very dry skin or cold climate.

Intensive hydrating serum
2-phase formula means intensively moisturizes and restores the natural hydro balance, but also smoothes the skin, protecting it from education premature wrinkles. Contains hyaluronic acid, Irish moss, peanut butter Inca, which provide maximum continuous moisture, restore the protective hydro-lipid film and help to preserve the natural hydration levels, as well as kidney of mountain ash and extract alfalfa, which stimulates the microcirculation of the blood and increase the elasticity of the skin by increasing the production of collagen.

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