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Ladies who are interested in fashion and looking for updating the collections of popular brands, always notice the innovations in the collections of the world`s leading manufacturers of lingerie and swimwear. Almost every «clothesline» brand today, in addition to the classic, sport, design of clothes, produces innovative corrective model. Outwardly they are not as attractive as their counterparts of the above mentioned groups. However, the functions and properties of corrective underwear do they have the necessary components of the wardrobe of almost every woman. Correcting underwear is produced according to a special technology that allows to give it a compression properties. Compression pressure is dispersed kind of pressure. It is thanks to him, correcting underwear lifts the buttocks, makes the flat belly, gives the figure of a special elegance and harmony. As specialists say, in the use of corrective underwear woman`s silhouette visually loses 1-2 size. However, the visual effect of these «revolutionary inventions» are nothing, compared with the positive impact that they have on the body as a whole: 1. Correcting underwear significantly improves blood circulation, improves muscle tone, gives endless feeling of lightness and comfort. 2. Correcting underwear - ideal means for the maintenance of grace. With him any woman forever forget, what is scoliosis, and ensure that his posture decent prevention of radiculitis and rheumatism. 3. Correcting underwear relieve pain in post-traumatic period, will help eliminate the «banners» and strengthen the abdomen after childbirth. The regular use of corrective body, pants, shorts increases the elasticity and smoothness of the skin, improves physiological function of the uterus, is the prevention of and some gynecological diseases. 4. Constant sock modeling underwear helps to reduce weight and increase the volume of the chest. Also its application allows to achieve an optimal balance of internal secretion, increase of immunity and slows down the ageing process. As you can see, the possibilities of correcting underwear is truly amazing. Now in the countries of Europe and America even those women who have a perfect figure, models and athletes, wear corrective underwear on training, rehearsals, horse, etc. And they do this not for the sake of beauty, and for maintaining the vitality and health. In Russia the popularity of corrective underwear also grows year on year. Domestic brands with an enviable regularity replenish their collections, in which each young lady will be able to find a suitable her on all parameters of the option.

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