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Bra is a necessity rather than fashionable element of women`s wardrobe, however, modern designers do not stop to experiment with its forms and materials. The aim of such experiment - to provide this usual intimate wardrobe`s element with wonderful properties of figure correction, and, of course, satisfy aesthetic needs of modern young ladies. Currently, there are known several dozen types of bras, each of which was designed to give specific attractiveness to women`s forms. We will mention the most popular of them: 1. a hit of 50`ies - "Bando" bra. It looks like a piece of fabric, which narrows in the middle of a breast; sometimes it tends to have a rigid underwire. This type of bra is ideal for women with rounded forms, because it perfectly supports the bust, and it allows you to wear dresses and tops with deep décolleté, or clothing without straps, shoulders and sleeves. 2. "Push Up" bra allows you visually to lift up, to give extra volume and to move a bust to the center. Such version of "top" has special parts (pads), which should be placed in cups, so it will be great for ladies with a not very large bust, or for women with a wide back. 3. "Balconette" bra is characterized by a maximally naked zone of décolleté, widely placed straps and opportunity to support well a bust from the bottom side. This model will fit practically each woman. Balconette bra will give special attraction to a bust and provides comfortable wearing. 4. "Top" type of bra - this is the most prime example of sport underwear "top". It`s kind of a short T-shirt with cups inside, which support the breast. This type of model perfectly suits women, who have quite dynamic rhythm of life, as well as fitness and sport lovers. 5. Bra with double cups - this is a bra that has two or even three layers of material, which are fastened to each other in such a way that it supports and visually makes a bust larger by one or two sizes. 6. Bra with formed (soft) cups - that is, so to say, the most honest type of a "top". It is made from one layer of fabric and is sewn so that it repeats the natural form of a bust, without giving extra volume. From previously described models, every woman will definitely find the variant that will satisfy all her needs and requirements. In turn, speaking about finishing materials, we can assert that Starstyle online shop has such a large assortment of bras that even the most exacting woman will be able to find a bra corresponding to her taste, because we offer bras that decorated with pearls, luxurious embroideries, laces, ribbons, etc. The only exception is bras-tops, which usually have no elements of decor, because they are designed for sports activities. Bus usually bras-tops are available in different colors. Women`s bras, which are offered by online shop of clothing and underwear - Starstyle are new, in closed package. Approximate time of delivery - 2-5 days, if goods are in our warehouse. Delivery time of goods on order is 1-4 weeks. Delivery is provided all over Latvia and also abroad. ATTENTION! Before you come to the office, please, book in the internet goods, which you liked, selecting the type of delivery: I will receive personally!

Bras You Have to have in Your Wardrobe

Using the broad assortment of tops accessible for girls, there are a large selection Selection of bras accessible that will flatter, support, and be undetectable underneath the garment. In addition, specific bras are better suited to various scenarios. What follows is a listing of vital bras to get in your wardrobe. Lots of girls see minimizer bras in the shop, and so are turned off from the name. Firstly, minimizer bras do not really make the breasts smaller. Instead, minimizer bras are built in ways that pushes the breast tissue from the core of the torso, and much more towards the arms. In addition, minimizer bras help reshape the breast to reduce the quantity in which it protrudes in the torso. A minimizer bra is ideal for button down tops. When many girls wear form-fitting button down tops, breasts that protrude too forcefully in the torso often build a gap involving the buttons of the top, showing the cups of the bra. Complete-coverage bras are another option for girls who need to hide their bras better, since minimizer bras are not typically made for girls with smaller breasts. Total coverage bras may also be popular because of the support they give, and so are perfect for girls who move around a lot. In the event your task requires you to be on your feet, you`ll favor complete-coverage bras during long work days because of their more comfy, more supporting layouts. Have at least 1 of those bras, rather in a shade that fits with your skin tone. Consider finding a black one also, if you think that`ll want multiple minimizer bras. !

Strapless and Convertible Bras

Strapless bras are great for tops which can be strapless, or with unusual layouts. Strapless bras additionally operate nicely for tops with open necklines (Like boat neck designs), or substantial arm holes. Strapless bras are necessary for many of evening and formal wear at the same time. Many strapless bras incorporate a couple of straps which can be connected to the bra, and lots of also permit the straps to be worn several manners. You could produce a halter bra, or a bra with a strap over one shoulder. You too can attach the straps likewise to some racerback bra, enabling you to wear the bra with showing tank tops. Make sure to get one in a shade that fits with your skin tone, when searching for strapless bras. This colour will vanish the most under your clothes. Additionally, if you will need a second, get a black one also. !

Demi Cup Bras:

Demi bras are necessary for many girls. Additionally, demi cup bras often have straps which can be place wider on the shoulders, making the bra more unlikely to reveal when wearing tops with open necklines. Padded cups are also offered by many demi bras made to increase fullness and cleavage. There is plenty of options, while shopping for demi bras. Cushioneded vs. non-cushioned, molded cup, vs. non-cast, wide range of materials, colours, and much more. Youwill likely want several demi cup bra designs in your wardrobe, unless you`ve got bigger breasts. Get cushioned demi cup bras for hot tops, molded cup bras for t shirts and kind-fitting tops. Observe the selection of substances accessible, and decide a few based on your own preference. !

Soft Cup Bras:

The underwire is a semicircular shaped bit of metal or plastic which is sewn to the bottom of the cup to provide your breasts a more round contour. Nearly all girls possess a love/hate relationship with this particular area of the bra: They adore it for the contour that it gives your breasts, yet despise it for the suffering that it could cause. Occasionally, you simply don`t need to handle the suffering occasionally due to underwire bras. It appears as though many girls don`t consider this choice when looking at bras, but you actually should, in the event that you value your relaxation. It`s a fact that soft cup bras don`t give the same sort of formation that underwire bras offer, and locating more appealing soft cup bras is frequently tough, but these bras aren`t about those matters, they`re only about letting your breasts relax and be natural, while still supplying support. You`ll feel far more comfortable. There are wide array of possibilities, while looking for soft cup bras. Simple, comfy cotton designs, satiny designs can be found by you, even lacy designs. There are modeled soft cup bras, even cushioned layouts! Seize a few in designs that hit your fancy, rather in skin tone or black. !

Racerback Bras:

Why is racerback bras unique is the composition of the placing of the bra straps and also the rear of the bra. At the same time although simple pullover designs are offered by some racerback bras, Clasp is designed by most racerback bra in the very front of the bra, between the cups. Racerback bras are ideal for a vast selection of garments, particularly tank tops with narrow backs. The racerback design additionally has straps that sit nearer to the neck in the shoulders, staying concealed under tops with big arm holes, and which bare all of the shoulders. This bra design has gotten very popular recently because of the popularity of tank tops. You`ll certainly wish to own a couple of racerback bras in your set, should you wear plenty of tank tops. Try to find molded cup or padded layouts to eradicate nipple show-through, and have at least one in a naked shade (Or, brownish for girls with darker skin) and 1 in black. !

Hot/Pretty/Cunning Bras:

You must have one or two pretty bras in your set, unless you`re not into the hot/adorable/intimate bra layouts. Not merely are they fantastic for all those private moments, there is also the inclination cause you to feel hot, wonderful and assured. While most girls have distinct thoughts about what hot really means, you`ll likely manage to locate a minumum of one or two bras that will fit your preference totally. There are lacy designs that have an intimate and feminine appearance. There are glossy satin designs. There are various gauzy and see through fashions. There are cleavage improving and pushup designs. Even bras in exceptional colours like red or purple are hot. There are numerous designers out there making lovely and tasteful bras that you`re certain to discover a few to cause you to feel good in. Well women, that wraps it up. The next time you`re outside looking for bras, keep the kind of clothes you wear unique in the mind. Purchase your bras according to that which you wear. Bras aren`t called "foundation" garments for nothing: They really would be the foundation of your ensemble. The best bra can provide you just everything you need for whatever you`re wearing. Best of luck!

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